JSC "Research and Production S.I. Vavilov" is  a diversified institute engaged in the development, esting and production of pilot series of optical colorless and colored glasses, laser glasses, optical, laser and nonlinear single crystals and optical ceramics, glass-ceramics, refractory ceramics, optical fibers and products based on them.

Development of scientific and technical potential in the field of optical materials science, development and production of high-tech products.

The Institute has developed and implemented manufacturing technologies for most of the inorganic optical materials used in Russian industry. The materials developed in the Institute are used in optical instrumentation, laser technology, detection technique and dosimetry of ionizing radiation, medical and technical endoscopy. The customers of the Institute are the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, optical-mechanical plants, and research institutes. Products are exported to the USA, France, Czech Republic, Austria, China and other countries.

A scientific school of optical materials science has been created at the Institute, which makes it possible to maintain the range and quality of modern domestic materials at the world level. All products comply with international norms and standards.